Monday, January 3, 2011 all what is on my mind since yesterday.

Four days left to my first ultra race. A mix of anxiety and excitement is all what is on my mind since yesterday.

On one hand, it´s really hard to imagine how it´s going to be. Many factors to be considered. The weather conditions, run for a good few hours at night time, the navigation, the right layers to wear, the planning on carrying as little as possible but without forgetting something that might ruin the whole training done in the last two, or maybe three, months... On the other hand, I can´t wait to get to the start line among the others ultra runners, at least 50 of us according to the last update, and see the light of our headlamps moving towards the mountains, as we leave the light of the city after 25k´ish of road running.

The Art O´Neill Challenge will start at midnight this Friday. The 55km challenge, road+mountain run, starts at Dublin Castle, and will bring us on a journey of mind, body and spirit through the Dublin and Wicklow mountains at night as we retrace the epic historical journey of Art O Neill and Red Hugh O Donnell in 1592!

Let the race begin!

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